Frequently asked questions

How early can I access the venue?

The time to access can be 7.00 am earliest, if there is prior agreement.

Are the parking facilities chargeable?

No, the parking facilities are not chargeable and over 250 cars can be parked at a time.

What security measures are there?

We use a metal detection unit, CCTV and a fully licensed security team to ensure the safety of our guests.

What about child care facilities?

Children need to stay under the supervision of their parents.

Can I record the event?

Yes, you can record your event.

Should the CCTV camera be on at all times?

No. It is not mandatory to keep the CCTV camera switched on all the time. You can ask for it to be switched off during religious events or if ladies make a request.

What audio visual amenities do you have?

We possess a video projector, professional PA system, television,etc.

Is there any room set-up option?

The room set-up option depends on the number of guests.

Is there any restriction on the place of photography?

There are a few areas where you can take photos.

Is there any deposit payment required?

Yes, there is. You have to deposit 50% of the venue hire price.

My reservation is confirmed. Can I cancel it?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible, so that we can avoid last minute surprises.

How do you differentiate between a room an a venue?

A venue may offer one or more rooms. A room is an area for hire in venue. In case you need cloakroom or foyer, talk to our manager before finalising the deal.

Give an insight into the refund policy?

Full refund is possible if venue hire is cancelled before the 7th day. After the said period of 7 days, no refund is offered.